Our olive oil

is of exceptional quality and an ideal addition to your everyday nutrition. It is suited for all types of international and ethnic cuisines, enhancing the flavour in your recipes. It comes from selected olive cultivations in Greece, which ensure its premium quality and distinct character.



Our bottle

is labelled using the latest ‘paperless-printing’ technology, so that the beautiful, natural colour of our olive oil will always prevail aesthetically. A bottle destined to be displayed – right at the centre of your dinner table.



Our box

complements the high quality of our olive oil and is presentable as a unique gift. It protects the olive oil from light and it is fully recyclable.




premium extra virgin olive oil has a unique flavour with velvet taste and distinct aroma. It is best consumed raw in salads and cooked food, while it is also ideal for sautéing. See it here.




stands for the number ‘one’ in Greek. One country of origin – Greece. One method of production – cold extraction. No mixing. Learn more about our ‘adulteration-free’ guarantee.



Recommended use

of Oliv-ena is 1 tablespoon per person per meal (lunch & dinner). It is suitable for any cuisine and healthy nutrition plans such as Mediterranean, low-carb or other. Learn more.




Olive oil recipes, tips and news.

Premium olive oil impresses visitors at Food & Life Munich, Germany

Munich is a beautiful city. It is full of history, friendly faces and known for its high quality of life. Residents in Munich appreciate ‘premium’ products of all sorts. And food is no exception. So, we were not surprised that Oliv-ena premium olive oil received such a warm welcome at the Food & Life Munich 2014 exhibition. Food & Life is an exhibition where producers from Germany and other countries present their finest products and Oliv-ena could not miss it.     Demanding palates Oliv-ena olive oil is a premium quality product for everyday nutrition. The visitors who tasted our oil were impressed and gave us their valuable feedback. We know that Oliv-ena does have a full flavour and at the same time leaves you with a smooth aftertaste – but that is something subjective. Until you hear it from someone else. Until you hear it from people who, same as you, enjoy only high quality food and will not compromise for anything less. Oliv-ena was indeed made for demanding palates and we were excited to make so many new friends who share our passion. Slow Food It is quite surprising to see that in cities such as Munich, where life moves at a fast pace, the tendency for Slow Food is attracting more and more followers. Slow Food is a movement (and a lifestyle) contrary to commercialized, highly-processed food that is consumed in a hurry. High quality natural products with a distinct character, made by small producers in ways that respect the environment and support local communities are the way to rediscover the pleasure of food, shared with...

Oliv-ena, a new Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil by DRITSAS LTD

DRITSAS LTD is proud to present its new creation, Oliv-ena, a premium extra virgin olive oil with an adulteration free guarantee. It comes in a 500ml luxury bottle with paperless printing, contained in a gift-type box. Oliv-ena premium olive oil will be available for online purchases soon. For more information please contact us...


We are sure that when you try our premium olive oil, it will be love at first… ‘taste’!