Adulteration-free guarantee

When you buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, you must be absolutely sure about the pureness of its contents and its label claims. Unfortunately, there have been reported cases (in different countries around the world) of adulteration of olive oil.

Adulteration of bottled olive oil presented as extra virgin and coming from a single country may involve:

1)     Single oil or mixture of oils originating from another country or countries than the country of origin as claimed on the label.

2)     Mixing of extra virgin olive oil with cheaper olive oils (virgin olive oil, (refined) olive oil, olive pomace oil). Inferior olive oils have acidity higher than 0.8 (maximum acceptable for extra virgin), are of lower quality and contain less nutrients than extra virgin.

3)     Mixing of extra virgin olive oil with other types of vegetable oils.

4)     Mixing of vegetable oils with chemicals.

The main concerns regarding the adulteration of olive oil are

Moral: as a consumer, you are being deceived in paying a premium price for a food product that is not worth it.

Financial: you suffer a financial loss, as a result of paying a premium price for an inferior product.

Health: the most important issue of consuming adulterated olive oil is not only that you may not receive the valuable nutrients you would expect, but that you could unknowingly consume oil inappropriate for consumption or even chemicals.

For the reasons mentioned above, we follow a strict ADULTERATION-FREE policy and provide a relevant guarantee. With the Oliv-ena adulteration-free guarantee we assure you that every single bottle of our olive oil contains only Greek extra-virgin olive oil and specifically:

1)     it does not contain extra virgin olive oil produced in any other country apart from Greece

2)     it does not contain inferior olive oils apart from extra-virgin

3)     it does not contain any other type of vegetable oils

4)     it is a pure and natural product without any chemicals, colourings or preservatives.

5)     not only production, but also the bottling process takes place in Greece

Every authentic bottle of Oliv-ena carries our Adulteration-Free GuaranteeTM seal on the top. We are confident about the purity and high quality of Oliv-ena. And with our Adulteration-Free GuaranteeTM, so are you.