The art of O-living

The art of O-living is a way of life with premium olive oil at its heart. Specifically, it is a way to make your lifestyle healthier and add pure, natural and rich flavour to your food by using premium olive oil daily. It is an art and not an exact science, since you can develop and adapt it according to your own lifestyle, preferences and desires.

Improvement of health

The benefits of olive oil consumption are constantly and repeatedly affirmed by scientific evidence. Homer, the ancient Greek epic poet, was right in calling it ‘liquid gold’. Two spoonfuls per day of raw extra-virgin olive oil such as Oliv-ena (one at lunch and one at dinner) are sufficient. There is no reason to consume more on a daily basis. It is more important to make it a daily habit and be consistent.

Freedom of choice

While the Greek tradition of olive oil counts millennia, it is a misconception to associate olive oil exclusively with Mediterranean cuisine. We believe that Oliv-ena can be incorporated in your daily menu, no matter where you live in the world. You can respect your cultural heritage and culinary traditions and still add olive oil to your recipes. You could, of course, try it with traditional Mediterranean recipes. Or you could be adventurous and experiment with gourmet recipes or even fusion recipes (mixing different types of cuisine). The choice is yours. If you are not sure how to start using our olive oil, please see here.

A traditional product for a modern lifestyle

Oliv-ena is a traditional, natural product that fits perfectly with a modern lifestyle. Whether you work long hours, exercise and socialise a lot, or whether you spend many hours at home, Oliv-ena can be a part of your life. You can use it for flavourful quick snacks on the go or satisfying quick meals after a long day. If you have more time available for cooking, you can use it for gourmet recipes of various types of cuisine. You can enjoy it any time you want, the way you want.

Shared experiences

We believe that food is even more enjoyable when it is shared with family, friends or colleagues. It is an experience that brings people closer. For that reason, we designed the bottle of Oliv-ena based on a modern aesthetics that complements its premium character and taste, so that you could place it at the centre of your dinner table at any occasion. Whether it is a casual dinner or a formal event, Oliv-ena is an ideal choice.

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