has been trading in the food products market since 1970, with a major focus on premium extra-virgin olive oil. We supply selected restaurants and supermarkets in Greece with our premium olive oil. We have participated in International Food Trade Shows such as ‘Green Week – Berlin’, where consumers from all over the world had a chance to taste our unique olive oil. Our passion for the purest of raw materials and the high quality and special taste of our olive oil has consistently earned the positive feedback by chefs and consumers both in Greece and abroad. This positive feedback has inspired us to create a superior Greek olive oil to share with the world – Oliv-ena.

Our promise for Oliv-ena

is to offer a premium extra-virgin olive oil for everyday consumption as part of any cuisine or healthy nutrition plan, with the added assurance of an adulteration-free guarantee.

Nikos Dritsas

Nikos Dritsas

is the general manager of the family owned DRITSAS LTD company. He ‘inherited’ the passion for premium quality extra-virgin olive oil by his father. His respect for the Greek olive oil tradition, combined with an advanced know-how in olive oil selection and production are the ‘heart’ of DRITSAS LTD. His commitment is to rely on those values and experience in order to share Oliv-ena premium Greek olive oil with the rest of the world and satisfy the higher expectations of demanding consumers.