Premium Greek EVOO


Our extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) is of exceptional quality. Selected olive cultivations in Greece provide the olives, which are pressed with the method of cold extraction right after the harvest. This method ensures that our olive oil will contain all the freshness, full flavour and beneficial characteristics (antioxidants) which constitute a premium product. The acidity of Oliv-ena is up to 0.8 and it is a natural product without any mixing. Our advanced know-how and the latest technology we use for olive oil production ensure not only the high quality of Oliv-ena, but also its purity. Learn more about our adulteration-free guarantee.


Oliv-ena is available in 500ml/16.9 fl.oz. glass bottles (recyclable). The bottle is labelled using the latest ‘paperless-printing’ technology, so that the beautiful, natural colour of our olive oil will always prevail aesthetically. It has controlled flow, which means that you control every single drop. It is a bottle destined to be displayed – right at the centre of your dinner table. It is contained in a fully recyclable box that complements the high quality of our olive oil and is presentable as a unique gift.

Please note: the box protects the olive oil from light. Once opened, it is recommended to store the bottle in a cool and dark place.


Oliv-ena is suitable for all types of international and ethnic cuisines, enhancing the flavour in your recipes. Its velvet taste and unique aroma are characterised by a feeling of smoothness, especially its aftertaste. It is ideal both for olive oil ‘connoisseurs’ and those who taste olive oil for the first time in their life. You can use it in recipes of any type of cuisine that require olive oil. You can use it to substitute inferior oils or butter in a recipe, to benefit from a more flavourful and healthier choice. It will add to the flavour of your recipes, without overshadowing the other ingredients. From casual snacks and salads, to ethnic and gourmet dishes, even desserts, Oliv-ena will satisfy you every single time. Learn more about using Oliv-ena here.


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