Premium olive oil impresses visitors at Food & Life Munich, Germany


Munich is a beautiful city. It is full of history, friendly faces and known for its high quality of life. Residents in Munich appreciate ‘premium’ products of all sorts. And food is no exception. So, we were not surprised that Oliv-ena premium olive oil received such a warm welcome at the Food & Life Munich 2014 exhibition. Food & Life is an exhibition where producers from Germany and other countries present their finest products and Oliv-ena could not miss it.



Oliv-ena at Food and Life Munich 2014

Demanding palates

Oliv-ena olive oil is a premium quality product for everyday nutrition. The visitors who tasted our oil were impressed and gave us their valuable feedback. We know that Oliv-ena does have a full flavour and at the same time leaves you with a smooth aftertaste – but that is something subjective. Until you hear it from someone else. Until you hear it from people who, same as you, enjoy only high quality food and will not compromise for anything less. Oliv-ena was indeed made for demanding palates and we were excited to make so many new friends who share our passion.


Slow Food

It is quite surprising to see that in cities such as Munich, where life moves at a fast pace, the tendency for Slow Food is attracting more and more followers. Slow Food is a movement (and a lifestyle) contrary to commercialized, highly-processed food that is consumed in a hurry. High quality natural products with a distinct character, made by small producers in ways that respect the environment and support local communities are the way to rediscover the pleasure of food, shared with our loved ones. Oliv-ena was at the Slow Food market within Food & Life precisely because we share all those values.

Greek extra-virgin olive oil is a natural product that we wish for everybody to enjoy it the same way that Greeks have been doing for millennia – at a dinner table surrounded by the most important people in your life.

Enjoying food.

Enjoying good company.

Enjoying life.

That is the essence of the Art of O-living.