Terms and Conditions


General information. 

The website www.oliv-ena.com is owned and operated by the company DRITSAS LTD, 7 Antoniou Leousi Av., Aegina, 18010, Greece.

For any information the contact details are:

Phone:    +30 22970-24009

Mob.:     +30 6944378565

Fax:        +30 22970-24009

Contact Form: please fill the contact form at the Website www.oliv-ena.com

By mail to the address DRITSAS LTD, 7 Antoniou Leousi Av., Aegina, 18010, Greece.

These Terms and Conditions set out the rights and obligations of DRITSAS LTD and the Customer.

The Terms and Conditions, the Order form and the Order confirmation constitute the sale contract between DRITSAS LTD and the Website’s Customer upon the sale of the ordered Products.

DRITSAS LTD reserves the right to make alterations to these Terms and Conditions.

The Customer acknowledges, prior to placing an Order, that he has read and agreed to all the information aforementioned and agrees to comply with the current version of Terms and Conditions by only ordering and purchasing on Oliv-ena’s Website.



  • ‘ Terms and Conditions’: refers to the current document, that is the terms and conditions applying between the Customer and DRITSAS LTD
  • ‘Website’:refers to the website available at www.oliv-ena.com
  • ‘Product’: refers to the items offered for sale available on the Website
  • ‘Customer’ (or ‘Him’, ‘His’ etc.): refers to a private person of full age using the Website to acquire one or more Product(s) for his personal needs, for which he accepted the Terms and Conditions.
  • ‘Order’: refers to the sale order from the Customer on one or more Products while using the Website
  • ‘Parties’: refers to the Customer and DRITSAS LTD


The purpose of these Terms and Conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the Parties in the context of using the Oliv-ena website and online selling of Products proposed in this e-shop by DRITSAS LTD.

The Customer acknowledges, prior to placing the Order that he has read and agreed to all information included in these Terms and Conditions.

The Customer also declares that the purchase of said Product(s) is not in direct connection with his professional activity, such purchase being reserved for his personal use only.

Being a consumer, the Customer has specific rights, which shall be questioned if the Products purchased through the e-shop would be actually purchased for his professional activity. Moreover, the Customer declares that he has the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement.

User’s responsibility. 

Any visitor, user or Customer of www.oliv-ena.com agrees that He will use this Website according to the law, which entails that he will not use this Website in order to publish any kind of content that is illegal, inappropriate or harmful in any way.

Eligibility to purchase. 

To be able to purchase a Product, the Customer:

Warrants that is at least 18 years old

Is required to provide certain personal information

Warrants that the personal information He provides is both accurate and true

Creating an account. 

It is not necessary for the Customer to hold an account to place an order.

The Customer can create an account by completing a subscription form. The Customer states that all personal information provided is complete and accurate in order to proceed to his precise identification in any situation. Any misleading or slanderous information is likely to result in immediate closing of the Customer’s account and cancellation of his Orders by DRITSAS LTD.

While creating his account, the Customer shall choose a login and a password. The Customer must make sure not to disclose his login and his password at any time.

The Customer’s account can be accessed by Him at any time by using his login and password.

The Customer is responsible for all actions conducted on the Website while using his login and password. Any user, having subscribed to the Website, shall be liable for any Order placed while connected with his login and his password.

Placing an order. 

To place an order the Customer must place the products of His choice, in their desired quantity, in the shopping cart. The shipping cost is calculated upon placement of each product.

Placing products in the cart does not reserve them and they are not excluded from being purchased by another Customer.

While browsing through the Website, the Customer may add a Product to his shopping basket by clicking on the ‘Add to basket’ button. At any time and until final Order confirmation, the Customer may change his mind, modify quantities or remove one or more selected Products.

Once the Customer has finished shopping He will be asked to proceed to checkout as guest or register as user. In both cases the Customer will need to choose Billing Address and Shipping Address.

The payment method accepted by www.oliv-ena.com is Visa, Maestro, Mastercard.

The placement of the order is complete only after the selection and confirmation of the above. Through this Order placement, the Customer expresses His intention to purchase the Product(s) listed in the shopping cart as chosen by Him. Thereafter the Customer will be automatically transferred to the payment webpage of Pireaus Bank. Oliv-ena.com DOES NOT store any personal credit card or debit card information. All Orders are subject to availability of products and confirmation from DRITSAS LTD.

The contract of sale is completed as soon as DRITSAS LTD accepts the Customer’s Order and confirms it by e-mail. This e-mail serves as confirmation-receipt of the Order. Upon the completion of the Order, the Customer receives a unique Order number, which He can use in order to communicate with DRITSAS LTD about any information on His Order. The confirmation of the Order e-mail includes all elements of the Order (such as the ordered Products, price, shipping costs, etc.).

Once the relevant control is complete (availability, Pireaus bank verifications, etc.) and once the product is ready for shipment, the Customer will be charged the appropriate amount and informed via e-mail.

If necessary, the Customer has the right to request access to the personal data which we may hold or process about Him. The Customer has the right to require us to correct any inaccuracies free of charge.

DRITSAS LTD may not be held responsible for any incorrect personal details entered by the Customer nor for the consequences related to any delays during the delivery process. As a result, all return costs would be at the Customer’s charge.


All prices shown on this Website are in Euros and valid for all countries. Prices are inclusive of VAT 13%. In case the VAT rate is adjusted before acceptance/confirmation of an order, the new rate will apply. If the Customer’s card is not charged in Euros but in other currencies, the Customer will be charged in accordance to the exchange rate of the day Pireaus Bank proceeds with the transaction.

DRITSAS LTD reserves the right to update / modify Products’ prices at any time without prior notice. The applicable price of the Order will be notified in the summary of the Order before payment.

DRITSAS LTD might proceed, at its discretion, to exclusive offers. Products on offer explicitly appear as such.

If the Customer is outside the European Union, additional taxes, fees or duties might be charged, (e.g. import tax etc.) Such charges are not included in the product prices and the Customer is responsible for their payment. The Customer is also solely responsible for the formalities related thereto unless otherwise specified. The Customer is solely responsible for checking whether the Products ordered can be imported under domestic law in the country of delivery.

Shipping costs are not included in the prices that appear on this Website and will be calculated upon placement of each product in the Customer’s cart during checkout.

If a Product is wrong priced due to typographical error or error in pricing information, but DRITSAS LTD accepts an Order before this mistake is found, DRITSAS LTD will send an e-mail to the Customer asking Him if He is willing to pay the correct price of the Product(s) He has ordered. If the Customer refuses to pay the correct price, DRITSAS LTD reserves the right to cancel the Order immediately and consider the contract void, with no liability of its own.

Shipping Costs and Shipping Method.

Orders are distributed via courier service companies, like DHL or Priority Registered Mail Service. The shipping costs are paid by the Customer, they are automatically calculated during the ordering procedure and they vary according to the country of shipping address and total weight of order.

Please note that:

for orders of 40 Euros or above for shipping to the following countries, shipping is free:

Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, UK

for orders of 60 Euros or above for shipping to the following countries, shipping is free:

Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland.

You will be informed of the Tracking Code of your shipment through email and you can use the Tracking Code to monitor the shipment.


The Customer undertakes to pay the total price of the Product(s) and shipping costs as stipulated on the Website and also to pay for, or have someone pay for the customs duties, the VAT or any other taxes due to the import of Products in the country of delivery, directly to the forwarding or customs agent.

Payments can be made by Visa, Maestro, Mastercard.

DRITSAS LTD reserves its right to claim the return of the ordered Products in case of non full payment.

Under those circumstances, and upon DRITSAS LTD’ request, the Customer shall return any Product for which the payment has not been received. The Customer shall pay for any costs in connection therewith.


Products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer in the Order form, after confirmation of the Order. An e-mail including information about the estimated delivery time will be sent to the Customer as soon as the Product(s) are ordered. Estimated delivery times are to be used as a guide only. Delivery time starts from the moment an order is accepted and includes a 24 hour period (workdays, Monday to Friday) during which the Product(s) will be processed and dispatched by DRITSAS LTD’ logistics service.

Information displayed on the Website related to availability is subject to change without notice. DRITSAS LTD cannot guarantee permanent or continuous availability of all Products on the Website. All Orders are subject to availability at all times.

Deliveries will be made according to the information on the Product pages after confirmation of the Order.

Delivery shall be deemed to have been made when the Products are delivered to the Customer at the address indicated in the Order confirmation. The delivery note given by the carrier, dated and signed by the Customer upon delivery will constitute evidence with regard to transport and delivery.

In case of absence of the Customer during delivery, a notice will be left by the carrier. The Product(s) may therefore be collected following carrier’s indications. If the Customer doesn’t receive the Product(s) within the limited period fixed by the carrier, the Product(s) will be returned to DRITSAS LTD. DRITSAS LTD will reserve the right to reimburse the Customer, while the delivery costs will remain at the Customer’s charge.

The Customer shall check the content and the condition of the Product(s) on delivery thereof.

In the event of delays, damages, total or partial losses, or any problem whatsoever, the Customer shall express all reserves and complaints which would seem justified, even to refuse the parcel.

Therefore, DRITSAS LTD advises the Customer to check the condition of the Products upon delivery and before signing the acknowledgement of receipt of the parcel.

If the Customer notes any damage, he shall reject the Products or issue handwritten, precise and dated reservations. These reservations must be confirmed by registered letter with recorded receipt sent to the carrier within three (3) working days following the delivery date of the Products. A copy shall be sent to DRITSAS LTD.

Product compliance – Warranty. 

The information given on each Product page may include pictures, technical specifications and descriptions.

In order to avoid any trouble, Products are verified in accordance with their descriptions by DRITSAS LTD before their shipment. However, due to technical reasons (photographic and IT constraints), the actual Products may differ slightly from pictures provided on the Website, particularly regarding colour features.

DRITSAS LTD takes great care when putting information on-line with respect to the essential characteristics of its’ Products, notably with respect to the photographs illustrating the Products; this however, within the technical limits that exist and with respect for the best standards on the market.

In the event of non-conformity of any Product delivered to the Customer, the latter may return it to DRITSAS LTD following the procedure stated in paragraph “Returns and exchanges”.

Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oliv-ena comes with an Adulteration-Free GuaranteeTM by DRITSAS LTD. With the Oliv-ena adulteration-free guarantee we assure you that every single bottle of our olive oil contains only Greek extra-virgin olive oil and specifically:

1)     it does not contain extra virgin olive oil produced in any other country apart from Greece

2)     it does not contain inferior olive oils apart from extra-virgin

3)     it does not contain any other type of vegetable oils

4)     it is a pure and natural product without any chemicals, colourings or preservatives.

5)     not only production, but also the bottling process takes place in Greece

In order to make sure Oliv-ena olive oil maintains its quality until the expire date, make sure you store it in a cool and dark place, away from direct light and heat sources. Do not consume past the expire date. Every authentic bottle of Oliv-ena carries our Adulteration-Free GuaranteeTM seal on the top.


Product conditions of use. 

Prior to any Order and use of the Products, the Customer shall read all information available on the Website, and seek specifications and recommended usage of the Products and ensure that they are compatible with his private use. The Customer undertakes to respect instructions of use available on the packaging of the Product before use. For further information on the Product’s specifications, please fill the contact form at the website www.oliv-ena.com.

Returns and exchanges. 

The Customer may return the Product(s) delivered to Him within five (5) working days upon delivery date by return shipment without stating any reason. Note that all shipping return costs are to be paid solely by the Customer.

All items should return to DRITSAS LTD closed, unused, in their original packaging and with their tags attached. DRITSAS LTD will not accept any items that are damaged or soiled and may send them back to the Customer and a refund will be refused.


Products offered on the Website are compliant with the applicable legislation and standards of Greece.

DRITSAS LTD undertakes exclusively to comply with all current legal terms applicable in Greece. No regulations specific to the country of delivery and/or visit of the Website shall be applied.

The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that applicable legislation in his country is complied with. And it is up to Him to investigate with the relevant local authorities any possible restrictions on the import, export or use of the Products.

DRITSAS LTD is solely responsible for the supply of Products in the conditions described in these Terms and Conditions.

DRITSAS LTD’ liability is limited to direct and predictable damages occurring to the Customer as a result of using the Website and the Products. DRITSAS LTD shall not be liable for damages caused by any failure from the Customer as a result of using the Website or the Products.

DRITSAS LTD shall not be held liable if the non-execution or poor execution of its obligations is attributable to the Customer, or to the act, unforeseeable and unavoidable, of a third-party during the Products delivery, or due to a case of force majeure, unforeseeable, uncontrollable and external.

DRITSAS LTD shall not be held responsible for (i) content available on other sites or Internet sources accessible through hypertext links inserted on the Website (and in particular owing to Distributors site links, Points Of Sales links, advertisements, Products, services or any other information) neither (ii) for any damages of any kind resulting from visiting those sites.

The Customer acknowledges the limits of the Internet and methods of electronic communication. Consequently, DRITSAS LTD shall not be held liable for non- availability of the Website or for any difficulties in connecting or for any interruptions in connection while visiting the Website or when placing an Order. DRITSAS LTD reserves the right to prevent public access to the Website during maintenance of the Website.

Unless otherwise provided, the Website is accessible at any place whatsoever, as long as the minimum technical conditions are respected, particularly in terms of access to the Internet network, to the mobile telephony network and to the technical compatibilities of the equipment used. In view of the worldwide nature of the Internet network, the Customer agrees to comply with all rules of public policy concerning behaviour of the users of the Internet network and applicable in the country from which he uses the Website.


Any visitor of the Website www.oliv-ena.com , may navigate freely through the site without providing any personal information. Personal information is only required for the subscription to the newsletter emailing service and for the Order of a Product. For the subscription to the newsletter emailing service, which is free, the only information required is the email address of the visitor who wishes to subscribe. Users of the newsletter emailing service can unsubscribe at any time they wish by clicking on the button ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the Oliv-ena newsletter.

DRITSAS LTD does not pass on the Customer’s details to any third party unless the Customer has given permission to do so.

The personal information requested from and related to the Customer is essential to process and ship his Order, to issue invoices or for the benefit of satisfaction’s questionnaires. This information may also be provided to judicial of administrative authority.

DRITSAS LTD will store each contract’s content and will send the Customer the details of His order as well as the general terms via e-mail. The Customer can find the Terms and Conditions at the Website at all times. The details about the Customer’s recent orders can be found in your Customer account.

Analytical tools are used on the Website, which track the User’s activity and create anonymous user profiles.
When you visit our website or send emails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. You agree that all agreements, notices and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

The email address of the Customer shall be used for sending Newsletters. The frequency of the newsletters will be one (1) per month on average, maximum two (2). The Customer can unsubscribe from the Oliv-ena Newsletter at any time by clicking the button ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the Newsletter.

Termination of subscription – Suspension. 

The Customer may at any time terminate his subscription to the Website and close his member’s account. To this end, the Customer shall address his termination request to the Customer Service.

In the event of any breach by the Customer of any of his obligations, in particular in case of payment incident, DRITSAS LTD reserves the right to suspend the Customer’s access to the Website or any services offered by DRITSAS LTD, or even terminate his Customer’s account depending on the degree of gravity. DRITSAS LTD reserves the right to refuse any Order from a Customer with whom there is a pre-existing dispute of any kind.

Intellectual property rights. 

Copyright © 2014 DRITSAS LTD. All elements on the Website, e.g. visual, pictures, audio, writings, animations, visual identity, database utility, software and other underlying technologies are protected by Greek, E.U. and international copyright, brand and patent law. They remain the exclusive property of DRITSAS LTD and its licensers.

The trademarks of DRITSAS LTD™, OLIV-ENA® and ADULTERATION-FREE GUARANTEED™, as well as all trademarks, figurative or otherwise, and more generally all other trademarks, illustrations, images and logos included on Products, their accessories or packaging, registered or unregistered, are and shall remain the exclusive property of DRITSAS LTD, with exception to visuals, trademarks and logos of Distributors of our Products offered on the Website.

Any full or partial representation, modification, reproduction, distortion, of all or part of the Website or its contents, by any procedure whatsoever and in any medium whatsoever, without prior express permission of DRITSAS LTD is strictly forbidden.


DRITSAS LTD may modify the Terms & Conditions from time to time without notice. The Customer will be subject to the Terms & Conditions in force at the time He places an Order. DRITSAS LTD encourages the Customers to visit these Terms & Conditions periodically to ensure that they are fully aware of them.



In any case the Customer was not satisfied with the fulfillment of his order or for any other reason that is related to www.oliv-ena.com , He has the right, within ten (10) days from the problem arising to submit a complaint to DRITSAS LTD, by filling the contact form at the website www.oliv-ena.com. DRITSAS LTD will examine His complaint and will answer through the Customer’s email within ten (10) days, reserving the right to ask for clarification in order to resolve the issue.

For any inquiries about an Order or complaints, the Customer may contact us by email at the following address:

E-Mail: info@dritsasoliveoil.gr


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless www.oliv-ena.com, its directors, employees, consultants and agents, from any and all third party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal fees) arising from your use of this Website or your breach of the Terms and Conditions.


The information provided in this website is not presented as, or a substitute of, professional medical advice. You should consult your doctor before you make any changes to your nutrition or before you start a weight loss program.

Governing law and jurisdiction.

All legal disputes arising out of or in connection with purchasing through www.oliv-ena.com shall be governed exclusively by Greek law (EU law) and shall be subject to the competent authority of the courts of Athens, Greece.