Use of Oliv-ena Premium Olive Oil

For salads

You can use Oliv-ena raw either on its own or in vinaigrettes for fresh salads. Remember that the recommended portion per person is 1 tablespoon, so adjust the quantity as necessary.

For sautéing

There is no specific quantity for sautéing, just use enough Oliv-ena so that the ingredients of your recipe do not stick to the utensil. Do not allow the oil to ‘smoke’. Not recommended for deep frying.

For cooked food

Oliv-ena can also be used raw over cooked food. It is an ideal flavourful and healthy addition to meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetables and legumes (1 tablespoon per person is recommended).

Cooking Tips

We produce a unique premium olive oil that it is not confined to a single type of cuisine (for example Mediterranean). Instead it adapts to any type of cooking, nutritional plan or lifestyle giving you the freedom and flexibility to enjoy it in numerous ways.

Oliv-ena is suitable for all types of international and ethnic cuisines, enhancing the flavour in your recipes. Its velvet taste and unique aroma are characterised by a feeling of smoothness, especially its aftertaste. It is ideal both for olive oil ‘connoisseurs’ and those who taste olive oil for the first time in their life.

You can use it in recipes of any type of cuisine that require olive oil. You can use it to substitute inferior oils or butter in a recipe, to benefit from a more flavourful and healthier choice. It will add to the flavour of your recipes, without overshadowing other ingredients. From casual snacks and salads, to ethnic and gourmet dishes, even desserts, Oliv-ena will satisfy you every single time.

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